The Fox’s Kitchen

The Fox’s Kitchen foxhunt cookbook

“It’s no secret that foxhunters love a good party, a good drink, and especially good food. Whether it’s contained in a pewter flask or in a crystal port glass; whether it’s served on a paper plate or Wedgewood porcelain; whether it’s a post hunting tailgate, hunt breakfast or a dinner for 12, Radnor Hunt has always epitomized the best of eating, drinking and making merry!”

It is this sentiment that inspired the creation of The Fox’s Kitchen. The Radnor Hunt Cookbook Committee, comprised of Radnor Hunt Members and Friends, sought to celebrate this devotion to food and drink. Recipes from hunt country kitchens were collected, in some cases pried away, from the chefs, cooks, and mixologists who have been devotedly preparing their fare over decades. All entries have been tested by a panel of expert gluttons!  Beautifully designed, the full color hardback book features menus inspired by hunting traditions, and gorgeous photographs of food and foxhunting. Founded in 1883, Radnor Hunt is the oldest continuous foxhunting organization in the United States, recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America.  The Fox’s Kitchen is published by the Derrydale Press.  All proceeds from sales benefit The Hounds Foundation, a charitable, 501(c)(3) organization. 

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